Privacy Policy


Payment and Deposit Policies: 

Only monthly stays can be booked directly with Gramercy Place. Short-term stays (less than 30 days) must be booked through Airbnb.

A $200 deposit is required, which will be applied toward your 1st month.

Balance due at check in. 

To extend, payment is due 24 hours prior to your scheduled check out.

All extensions depend upon availability.   Check out is by 11:00 a.m.

Cancellation and Refund Policies:

No refunds after 11:00 a.m. 

A 24 hour notice is required for refunds, which are not pro-rated; they are determined by the daily rate. 

HOUSE RULES: It is our pleasure at Gramercy Place to have you as our guest.  The nature of our shared environment requires adherence to the rules & behavioral guidelines to ensure the comfort of all guests.

KITCHEN RULES - Kitchen is open 24 hours.  Please label all food in the refrigerator/freezer with your name.  NO glasses, dishes or pots & pans in the fridge---please use the tupperware.  For dry foods, use the containers provided.  No bare feet are allowed in kitchen or dining room. Everyone is required to clean up after him/herself.  This means DO your DISHES. Please wash, dry and put them AWAY. Clean your work area immediately.  This allows everyone the opportunity to enjoy the kitchen and dining room.   SHARE THE REFRIGERATOR SPACE: Fridge - 2 containers per person,  Freezer - 1 container per person. 

BEDROOMS are to be used for sleeping.  NO SPACE HEATERS.  NO food in rooms.  Cell phones should be on silent.  NO candle or incense burning allowed.  Do NOT change beds without checking with office. Do NOT remove items from other beds.  If you need clean linens or extra blankets, ask housekeeping or office.  Gramercy Place is a shared environment.  There needs to be space for all our guests.  Use ONE locker. Divide up the space equally.

SMOKING - Designated smoking area is on back patio.  PLEASE Use ashtrays. Absolutely no smoking in the building.    

SECURITY - Lock your rooms and keep track of your belongings.  Gramercy Place assumes no responsibility for loss or damage to property or to injury of guest.

VISITORS - must be accompanied at all times by registered guest, who agrees to be responsible for the conduct of his/her visitors. Visiting hours 9 a.m.- 11 p.m.   Visitors are NOT allowed in bedrooms at anytime.

PARKING- Gramercy Place does not provide parking. Street parking is available. Please read the posted signs on streets.  Driveway is for late night arrivals.

COMMON COURTESY be considerate when you are using your cell phone. Take it outside if possible.  NO candle or incense burning allowed in the building.

T.V. ROOM Is for watching T.V.  NO cell phones calls. Please text in silent mode.

Inappropriate behavior and/or lack of respect to property or atmosphere will not be tolerated.

Our Mission Statement:

To provide a cross cultural environment that encourages understanding and respect for all individuals, regardless of sex, nationality, race or religion.